by on May 2, 2022
Beautiful African Queen ?
Oh, beautiful African queen
Queen of daylight and dimness
Your face is as calm as the moon
Your heart is fine, polished and graceful,
Your tingling heed holds me captive
The smile and acquiesce in your eyes blend like the spectrum in the sky,
Oh, I love when your hair waves down on your nape, wafts your sensuous perfume into my eager nostrils
Your love feels like a touch, I want to hold your love with my hands and feel like the luckiest poet of the hour.
Your heart is sweet and safe for a home, I want to build up a nest like a bird and live there.
I can not control my thrilling brains and keep afloat when I kiss your pink moistured lips,
I want to sit at your feet and sing a splendid, lovely and magnificent love song for you momma Africa
Poet: Unknown
Posted in: Poetry
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