by on May 2, 2022
Your NAME is your SHIELD ??
They asked him "what's your name ?" He replied "I am KUNTA KINTE"
Despite all the beating with blood shed on his back, still repeat his name as "KUNTA KINTE" instead of colonial name given to him by the white man "THOBY"
How can you be called George Washington when you're an African by origin? have you ever heard of a Whiteman being called Foday Koroma?
The Whiteman imposed their names on us because it is believed that when you've been given a name or "name-sake" of someone that individual will forever remain subjected to the name giver.
Every society has names which they refer to as deviance due to their social backgrounds likewise, names that also have a positive meaning.
There are lots of indigenous African names that have wonderful meaning but guess what? we've been brainwashed that our indigenous African names caries evil spirit and the white man's name means "blessings, happiness, special, gold etc.
Dear Africans, let's go back to our Roots by "decolonizining" our African names our Cities/Street names and rediscover ourselves in every form possible and be our true self.
I remain Osman Bundu Sidique Jr. a proud and an unapologetic African, so help me God.?
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