• Jovenel Moïse was borned on June 26, 1968 in Trou du Nord (North-East Department) in a humble family (father rancher and repairman, needle worker mother).

    In July 1974, he settled with his family in Port-au-Prince where he proceeded with his essential training at the National School Don Durélin, at that point his auxiliary instruction at Lycee Toussaint Louverture first and afterward at theCultural Center of the Collège Canado Haitien. Afterward, he went to the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University Quisqueya. In spite of his future previously mapped as teacher, he alters course to take part in business enterprise.

    In 1996, he left the capital and moved to Port-de-Paix, with the fantasy of building up the hinterland.

    With almost no speculation capital, he made his first business at Port-de-Paix, \"JOMAR Auto Parts\", still in activity today.

    That year, his affection for the land coordinates its endeavors towards the foundation of a farming venture. Jovenel sets up an estate of 10 hectares of bananas in the Northwest Department.

    Soon after then dad, he wound up mindful that entrance to clean water is a noteworthy issue in the hinterland and set out on another venture. In 2001, reinforced by his encounters, he chose to discover an answer for this issue. He begins in organization with the organization Culligan of Port-au-Prince and consolidate advances from monetary foundations and people, with trouble, he began a water plant for conveyance of savoring water the North-West and North-East.

    From his achievement in the business world and his longing to help network advancement, Jovenel progressed toward becoming in 2004 an individual from the Chamber of Commerce and the Northwest Industry (CCINO). In a matter of moments, he was chosen leader of the CCINO. His capacity to manufacture a gathering cooperative energy enables him to end up Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (CHIC) where he assumed a critical job in coordinating the provincial Chambers of Commerce, to guarantee their full and reasonable portrayal inside the CCIH.

    Intrigued by provincial zap, he framed in 2008 with more accomplices, the Haitian Energy Company SA (COMPHENER SA), which expects to convey sun based and wind vitality to 10 cooperatives of the Northwest department.

In 2012, in Trou du Nord, he established AGRITRANS SA, bringing the agrarian venture NOURRIBIO to end up the primary Haitian Agricultural Zone Franche. With this task, Jovenel Moïse has changed a site committed to the deserting of an incorporated supportable advancement venture, a model for the improvement of farming in Haiti. Review that the venture NOURRIBIO has just empowered the rise of in excess of twelve horticultural tasks that have made very nearly 3,000 direct occupations and 10,000 roundabout employments. This venture is the most imaginative in Haiti and the biggest that the Caribbean has seen up until now.

    In 2015, the President Michel Martelly, assigns Jovenel Moïse as presidential hopeful of the ideological group he established, the Haitian Tèt Kale Party (PHTK).

    Wherever he goes, Jovenel Moïse sold his vision of a bio-natural agribusiness as the motor of the Haitian economy, makes occupations and produces riches for a populace whose over half is country. He proposes horticulture as the reason for financial recuperation. His arrangement likewise incorporates components that have been the workhorse of Martelly: training for all, entrance to wellbeing, vitality change, the standard of law, the production of supportable employments, natural security, and improvement of Haiti come a vacationer goal by including eco-the travel industry and agro-the travel industry.