Haiti has a New Prime Minister

  • Haiti is undergoing political crisis! President Moise finally acknowledged receiving the information regarding the decision of the Chamber of Deputies who dismissed Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant following a motion of censure voted by the Assembly of Deputies with ninety-three (93) votes “for”, six “against” and three (3) “abstentions.
    After initially disagreeing and calling the process illegal, Céant accepted the decision.
    On March 21, 2019, President Moise made the following announcement: “In order to ensure the continuity of the State, I appointed and presented, at a special Council of Ministers held at the National Palace, this Thursday, March 21, 2019, Mr. Jean-Michel Lapin, acting Prime Minister. During this interim period, the essential mission of the resigning Govt is to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens and improve the living conditions of the population.”