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  • The Man Who Gave Up Smoking

    There was a man about to be killed by his political enemies. They asked him if he wanted a cigarette before they killed him. No, the unfortunate man replied, I gave up smoking. It's bad for your health!
  • What's AK?

    Join now to see who you know that’s already on here! AK is a Haitian based social networking platform. We promote love, culture, education and awareness to abuse going on around us! We do block users who promote racism, explicit content, and negativity. We support those who Love Haiti of cou...
  • L'Egypte construit une nouvelle capitale pour remplacer le Caire

    Dans une zone désertique de niveau entre le Nil et le canal de Suez, une autre ville est en cours de rassemblement, ce qui supplantera un jour le Caire comme capitale égyptienne. La nouvelle ville est actuellement une zone de développement de monstres, mais le travail avance dangereusement vite...