July 28, 2017 Ayiti Konekte, Ap fè tout user/membre konnen ke nap fè yon chanjman sou platform nan. nap mande tout moun ti ke konekte pa facebook pou yo update account ayiti konekte yo, mete yon username ou ka sonje, et mete yon email ou ka checke. Merci! Nou espere wap toujou rete konekte!
About Us


Ayitikonekte is the Haitian social network Platform that connects and brings Haitian people, Missionaries,Tourists, Businesses, and the diaspora together by Linking them on one website.

We are aiming to be a cool and unique Haitian platform that Haitians and those who has interest in Haiti may utilize to voice their opinions, denounce corruption in Haiti and in their local communities, promote: their business, music, work and culture while they are enlightening, inspiring and educating each other through their daily and archived posts.

Ayitikonekte is created for Haitians all over the world.