Haïti-Health: a partnership agreement signed between I’ and I’

Health partnership agreement in Haiti

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Haiti - Health: a partnership agreement signed between l' and l'.

Port-AU-Prince, 31 January 2018: an important meeting took place on Wednesday, 26 January 2018, between the Dr. Agabus Joseph, Director-General of the employment accident insurance office , sickness and maternity (Ofatma) and representatives of the organization of the Haitian Union (ouh).

Took part in this meeting at the premises of this institution in military city: Dr. Agabus Joseph accompanied by his chef de cabinet, me Israel Petit Frère; from the medical director of the hospital of port-AU-Prince, DR Hans Herbert Boucher; President of the ouh, Mr. Emmanuel Herly Petit; De Coordinator, Mrs Georgemay Figaro; and Mrs Julie Nicole Carrère and yvelise Paul, respectively responsible for training and member of the ouh, and two other professors at the university of Montreal in this case dr François Desmeules, phytothérapeute and Dr. Julio Fernandes, surgeon - orthopédiste.

This meeting aimed, Inter Alia, at stimulating the relationship between the two entities and formally establishing a sustainable long-term partnership with regard to improving the care of insured persons and strengthening the technical plateaux of hospitals in The Ofatma.

The agreement also aims to initiate self-help activities, rotation of training personnel and the strengthening of consultation and collaboration between the institutions concerned.

Noting the practical cooperation between the ouh and l', Mr Emmanuel herly petit mentioned one of the priorities of the organization of the Haitian Union, which is to meet certain essential needs in the country in terms of population integration. Disadvantaged people who are struggling to access primary health care. "the organization is very interested in this agreement, especially as it is already involved in activities aimed at improving health services in Haiti", said the pdg CEO.

For his part, Hans Herbert Boucher, medical director of the hospital of the capital, applauded the signing of this agreement while pleading for a successful partnership between l' and l'.

For its part, the director-General of l', Dr Agabus Joseph, welcomes the signature of the cooperation agreement to strengthen the capacity of its institution in this field, ' such an undertaking is proof by four of the undertakings and institutions of the Countries are really concerned about the well-being of the population ', if the boss of l'.

It should be recalled that the signing of this memorandum of understanding is part of the vision of the administration of Moses / lafontant to provide quality health care to the insured persons in particular and to the general population.

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